About Gabriele

Gabriele Charlotte Sass was born in Germany in 1968 as the oldest daughter of the philosopher and bioethicist, Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Sass, and his wife, Renate, and grew up on her mother’s family’s rural estate in Witten-Heven, near Bochum until the age of 12. Her years in the countryside fostered a great love of nature, animals and the environment which remain a major focus of her writing, music and artwork.

In 1980 her parents relocated to the United States, taking up residence in Washington D.C. She was educated at the boarding school, Madeira School for Girls, Georgetown University (B.A.) and Northwestern University (M.A. in Mass Communications). Gabriele Sass worked as a technical producer at the internet service provider America Online during the internet boom in the 1990s and was a certified internet webmaster. She left AOL in 2000 to pursue her freelance writing.

In 2006 she was ordained as a minister by the United Metaphysical Churches. Rev. Sass teaches Buddhism, Mysticism and Comparative Religions at a semi-annual seminary. Today she divides her time between Arlington and Roanoke, Virginia. She lives with her Shetland sheepdog, Benno.

Her debut novel “The e-mazing @dventures of Jay Pegg” (2002) is a children’s cyberspace story inspired by her work at America Online (AOL) during the early years of the new media. Further influence for this work came from her masters studies at Northwestern University in the areas of radio, television and film as well as her love for the children’s mystery genre, particularly the serials of British writer, Enid Blyton. “The e-mazing @dventures of Jay Pegg” personifies the world of the internet in a virtual reality setting and incorporates the scientific idea of artificial life with metaphysical and inter-dimensional overtones. It is an alternate reality adventure in the tradition of “Alice in Wonderland” or “The Chronicles of Narnia“.

Her true talent lies in retro-lyrical verse poetry in both the English and German language. An early work, “World’s in Verse” (2005), is a medley of nature reflections, traditional folk and fairy tales as well as original stories, inspired by her interest in history, mystery, mythology and the paranormal. “Sternenmeer, Mystik des Herzens” (2013) is her first German-language collection in the tradition of erotic mysticism and was inspired by the writings of the medieval mystics. In this work she explores the approach of the unio mystica through romantic verse and deep intuitive currents into the nature of love and the infinite.

In “Ever-Presence” (2011) we find a debut collection of original metaphysical lyrics and musical scores in the genre of hymns and songs for metaphysical/spiritualist service. This collection was followed by “I Walk With You” (2016) and a Christmas collection “Haloed Wings” (2016). Currently in production is her most recent project, a collection of seasonal songs “Promises and Resolutions”.

A Collection of Metaphysical Sermons” (2006) was written as part of her seminary studies in the years 2002-2006. Only a limited number of copies were published at the time.

Aside from her talents in writing and music, Gabriele Sass is an amateur photographer and has a great love for nature. Most recently, she completed a seven-year volunteer position as a keeper aide at the Smithsonian National Zoo’s Lion-Tiger unit (2007-2014).